Power Station Slim
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Power Station Slim
Premium External Battery for iPod and iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+


Slim, Lite, and Portable


                                                                                         MFI Certified.


Always travel light


Easily fits in your back pocket, bag or purse. PowerStation Slim is a extremely
compact battery pack which can provide immediate power to your iPod and iPhone5S, 5C, 5, 6, 6+.



Battery (ICON)

Up to 133% Extra battery
Up to an Additional 133% extra battery, it gives you enough power to through the toughest days, longest flights, or unexpected deadlines.




LED power indicator / Light
Push the power indicator button to display the 4 LED that conveniently display the battery status in 25% increments. Push the power indicator button twice to indicate the LED light.



Built-in Cable (ICON)

Built-in Lighting Cable
Equipped with an integrated, hidden yet flexible Apple ® Lighting cable. It’s ready for quick departure and start charging.



Stackable Charging (ICON)
Simultaneously charge up to 3 units


Additional Features Safeguards

Technical Specs
Capacity : 2500mAH
Battery : Lithium-ion polymer
Connector : Lighting connector
LED : Battery Life indicator
LED Flash Light : Yes
Input Power : 5V – 1A
Output Power : 5V-1.5A
Dimension : 90mm x 58mm x 8.7mm
Weight : 55 Grams/ 1.94 Oz